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Orange Teaming

Perform attack simulations to up your defenses and be prepared for real-life attacks

Active Directory Security

Strengthen the security of this central component in your network

Incident Response

With any hack, I got your back

Project Organization

Bringing order to chaos and increase productivity using technology


Examples of contributions to the security community to make the world a safer place.


Windows Exploit Suggester - Next Generation


PowerShell rebuilt in C# for Red Teaming purposes


Fake Windows logon screen to steal passwords


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About me

Arris Huijgen

Through my over a decade of career and research I have developed solid knowledge and experience in the fields of cyber security, software development and system administration. This knowledge consists of both deep technical knowledge as well as management and organization experience to bridge the gap between the various security and engineering teams and C-level management.


I have a passion for learning about Microsoft-based technology from the sysadmin perspective, and then applying it in offensive operations, sharing the insights with the global security community. Moreover, I love bringing order into chaos and implementing technology into business processes.