Bringing order to chaos and increase productivity using technology

Within organizations there are two challenges that I frequently observe and which I am passionate to work on:

  • Bringing order to chaos;
  • Increase productivity using technology.

Let me explain my perspective on these challenges.

Bringing order to chaos

Collaboration between people is often not well aligned which leads to frustrations and inefficiencies throughout the effort. If the foundations of the collaboration are set right at the start, efficiency of the team members increases and the team flourishes. The foundations should be prepared by designing the people-process-technology framework for the collaboration for better alignment between all the people involved, which leads to more efficiency in the work performed.

This architecture includes:

  • Collecting and organizing already available information relevant to the collaboration;
  • Collectively define the objective (purpose) of the project;
  • Split the objective into activities that can be picked up independently (bite-sized chunks) including possible dependencies;
  • Agree on the way to exchange information and write documentation;
  • Periodically have check-ins to align and define objectives for the coming time;
  • Practice the way of working which can be used towards the future.

During our conversations we can further customize the approach to tailor it to your businesses’ specific case.

Increase productivity using technology

In organizations there is frequently a misalignment between people and the processes and technology that are in place. If people are better supported by the processes and technology available to them, they become more efficient and happier employees. Repetitive tasks that are sometimes part of the businesses’ processes can be automated using technology. Moreover, people being aware of the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of technology can adopt it in their own daily jobs to make their work more efficient and fun.



Besides just observing chaos and inefficiencies, I have also stepped in to improve those, simply because I cannot handle observing those things from taking place. During my career I have successfully set up teams and improved the teamwork and processes resulting in happy business owners and reenergized employees.

If you recognize these challenges and can use some support in your organization, please reach out so we can have a brainstorm on how I can possibly help your organization to improve!